Analog Informatics Corporation

Experts in AI Healthcare Marketing

AI Increases
5-Star Reviews

Reputation Boosting and Management

Our AI technology automatically tracked and responded to reviews,
which allowed SummitMD to focus on what matters most.

Automated Review Requests and Response

  • Our AI sent review requests as soon as the patient leaves the office.
  • Staff responded to reviews using AI
  • Our AI analyzed which offices are receiving poor reviews and corrected them
  • More positive reviews meant more patients and growth for Summit MD

Proveable Results

Before AIC Review and Reputation Management
After AIC Review and Reputation Management

AI-driven communication and engagement resulted in higher patient satisfaction, reflected in positive online reviews and messages. A strong online presence, coupled with favorable reviews, attracted more high-value patients who rely on digital platforms for information and recommendations.

Better Reviews More Referrals

More High Value Patients

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