Increase Productivity Empower Your Practice

Go beyond basic automation. Free up staff time, improve patient satisfaction, and boost your practice revenue.

Attract, Connect, Engage

It's Not Just About Automation,
It's About Intelligent Engagement

Modern Patients Expect Modern Solutions

Keep Patients Engaged with Continuous Patient Engagement

Multilingual Messaging

150+ languages for SMS, Email, and Voice messaging.  Automated according to patient’s preferred language.

Connect to your EMR to trigger messaging based on internal events.  We have connectors to all the popular EMRs/EHRs

Facilitate follow-up appointments and improve quality performance by prompting patients to schedule necessary follow-up visits and providing personalized care plans.

Broadcast announcements and updates efficiently to your patient community, keeping them informed about important news, events, and changes.

With increased patient compliance, reduce patient readmit rate and stop leaking revenue.

We automate the mundane tasks so that staff can focus on patient care and patient satisfaction

Empower your team by eliminating tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on patient interaction and care delivery.

Increase Medicare Reimbursements and government funding by improving patient satisfaction scoring.  Our software improves patient and family satisfaction, leading to higher and more frequent scores.

Reputation automation.  Our AI automatically sends out review requests, and responds to online reviews without any extra work for staff.

Embrace Intelligent Engagement
Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Keep Patients and Families Engaged

Go beyond patient engagement and keep families and caretakers in the loop.  Continuous top of mind, reach and frequency.

No Show Appointment Rescheduling

Our AI automatically detects patient no-shows, and immediately reactivates them to reschedule

Multilingual Messaging

With 150+ languages, adhere to Health Equity principles and regulations.  No more expensive translation services.

Security and Compliance

HIPAA, SOC 2, and CISSP Certified.  We take security for patients and their data seriously

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