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Revenue Recovery from EMR Auditing

You already did the work. You deserve to get paid for it. 

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Solution Overview

AI is the Only Practical Way to Audit EMR Data

Incorrectly Entered Appointments are very hard to find in the EMR. Billing services can ONLY bill for Encounters that have been entered. Improperly completed appointments, such as failing to note cancellations and no-shows, cause missed opportunities to recapture no-show patients.

Key Takeaways

  • The staff makes errors in EMR entries that go unnoticed (hard to find)
  • Undocumented Encounters = lost revenue (no records, no bill, no income)
  • Missed documentation on Encounters leads to poor charting and liability
  • Easy to miss no-show appointments = failure to engage for new appointments
  • Daily corrections to operational errors = difference between profitability and loss

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