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Free 30-Day Trial for Select Customers

Limitations & Conditions: The client is responsible for all data, tariffs, taxes, 10DLC enrollment, phone number fees, and all usage fees for SMS and Voice messages (clients with Plivo or Twilio can use their accounts directly, thereby waiving data costs). The client must provide production-ready images (JPG, SVG, GIF) for branding and amenity sites used by patients and guests. The client is responsible for EMR integration (FHIR) charges. Pre/Post-Op electronic care plans for appointment types are created by practice. This offer may be discontinued at any time without prior notice. USA customers only. Free trial offers are at the sole discretion of Analog Informatics Corporation.

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Competitive Analysis of Analog Informatics vs. Relatient

Notice: Modernizing Medicine Corporation (ModMed) and Analog Informatics Corporation are independent organizations. Neither party recommends or endorses the other’s products and/or services.

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