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This page contains legal information about Analog Informatics and links to privacy and regional legal requirements.

Commercial Customers Only – No Consumers

Analog Informatics does not sell its products to consumers and therefore does not solicit consumer traffic. We are a 3rd party communication provider used by healthcare organizations to communicate on their behalf regarding patient logistics and to improve the relationship between healthcare providers and their patients, families, caregivers, and guests. All communication is authorized via patient authorization as part of their intake process to the healthcare provider. The patient’s pre-authorization is always required for us to communicate with them and their guests.

Patient and Guest Opt-Out Always Available

Patients and their guests can opt out of communication at any time. Links and instructions for opting out are provided in all communication. Analog Informatics does not send unauthorized communication to patients or their guests. The healthcare employer authorizes internal communication with healthcare providers. Employees can opt out of all communication at any time.

Minimization of PHI

We have taken due care to minimize the amount of Personal Health Information (PHI) transmitted to patients and their guests. Our software and database also minimize the amount of PHI data retrieved by the provider’s EMR. Best practices for security are also used for operations and in transmitting information to patients and their guests. No information is shared with unauthorized third parties for marketing or sales purposes.

No Sharing Patient Data with OpenAI and ChatGPT

We do not share patient data with large language model platforms such as OpenAI and ChatGPT. External data and cloud services such as Google and Amazon are used to verify addresses and phone numbers without disclosing the individuals associated with that information.

HQ Location

Our principal operational geography is the USA. Our headquarters are in Dallas, TX – USA.

Commercial Worldwide Inquires Welcomed

We welcome inquiries from other areas interested in our technology to improve practice revenue, reputation, and the experience of patients and their guests using healthcare services.

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