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Revenue Loss Recovery

Find and recover all the missing dollars falling through the cracks.

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Operational errors inevitably occur in medical practices with high volumes of patients. Manual processes, inconsistent training, and staff changes all contribute to errors. Operational errors cost you money and increase liability. Daily EMR audits (continuous auditing) with reports sent to all responsible parties are the best way to reduce losses and AR age and improve patient satisfaction.

Analog Informatics provides an AI-based service to perform continuous EMR Auditing that generates anomaly reports on appointment workflows from patient logistics. Although there is research in clinical auditing, Analog Informatics focuses on continuous patient logistical auditing.

Figure 1 – Distribution of EMR Audit Errors by Type generated by Analog Informatics

Errors we detect include: unbilled visits, missed no-shows, uncharted visits, appointments not completed, and many other issues that impact your revenue.

Systematically fixing hard-to-find operational errors can differentiate between a profitable practice and one that loses money. Analog Informatics analyzes and reports on EMR practice data. We automatically find missed revenue daily and improve the quality of your patient engagements using AI technology.

Continuous EMR Auditing for Daily Corrections

The Anomaly Reports system scans your EMR records to identify billing and operational errors and generates reports. You and your staff will receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports based on your office schedule.

Figure 2 – Anomaly Report of Lost Revenue

Each report has per-incident actionable information to allow efficient correction of errors.

To confirm that your staff has completed the required no-show follow-ups and billing corrections, weekly and monthly reports allow you to recheck whether previously flagged errors have been corrected.

Figure 3 – EMR Audit Anomaly Report on Potentially Unbilled Visits Due to Human Error Generated by Analog Informatics

Summary: AI is the Only Practical Way to Audit EMR Data

Incorrectly Entered Appointments are very hard to find in the EMR. Billing services can ONLY bill for Encounters that have been entered. Improperly completed appointments, such as failing to note cancellations and no-shows, cause missed opportunities to recapture no-show patients.

Key Takeaways

  • The staff makes errors in EMR entries that go unnoticed (hard to find)
  • Undocumented Encounters = lost revenue (no records, no bill, no income)
  • Missed documentation on Encounters leads to poor charting and liability
  • Easy to miss no-show appointments => failure to engage for new appointments
  • Daily corrections to operational errors = difference between profitability and loss
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