Modernize your front desk with Analog Informatics

Modernize Your Front Desk

Happier Patients,
Guests, and Staff
Through Automation


What We Do For You

We relieve your staff of routine front-desk communication tasks, allowing them to focus on billable activities. 

Patients, caregivers, family members, and others are continuously updated (pre and post-op) on their healthcare logistics.  Patients can self-service their appointment scheduling (per practice policies)We use your existing EMR data entries and workflows to drive communication.  

There is nothing new to learn or do to get results.  Deliver a consistent experience to every patient and their guests via automation.


Our modern automated patient engagement provides patient self-scheduling, re-scheduling, and cancellations.  Pathology completion status and electronic care plans are automatically delivered to patients and caregivers.  Our AIC Patient Concierge service gives facility familiarization, transportation coordination, ridesharing links, and parking information.  Arrival and pick-up coordination is done automatically.  Wellness checks and courtesy thank you messages delivered to every patient and guest.  Our appointment reminders and confirmations have better deliverability and reduced unsubscribes compared to competitors.  Messages are delivered by email, text, and voice calls.  Patients don’t need to install an app.

Comprehensive reputation management allows you to monitor and reply to your online reviews, and our patient engagement solution automatically solicits reviews from patients and their guests.  Charity donations per review intent boost the volume and scores of your practice.

Loss mitigation and appointment error tracking, known as appointment anomaly detection, increase revenue and improve patient relations.

Reviews From Current Customers

"I started getting compliments and 5-Star Google reviews from my patients the same day the Analog Informatics system went live. Patients love the personalized and caring experience AIC delivers.  Thank you for building this technology."  
Peter J Wolff,
"Our practices saw an immediate and sustained increase in revenue and 5-Star reviews within weeks of startup. The daily anomaly operations reports have helped us find and correct unbilled appointments and improve the patient experience. I was surprised by how much revenue we lost due to daily random entry mistakes. Your AI easily found them. Thank You!"  
Jeffrey Ross Gunter, M.D., FAAD
Dr. Jeffrey Ross Gunter,
"The day we started the AIC system, I got worried because our phones stopped ringing constantly with patient questions.  AIC automatically pushes out everything patients and guests need to know to their phones. I now have more time to take care of patients in the office without constant phone interruptions."  
Shea Britten,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a free demo available?

We can provide a limited 30-day free demo site connected to your non-production EMR sandbox. Messaging for your sandbox EMR is limited to only Email. Free 30-day read-only monitoring of your online Google and Yelp reputation sites is also available.

How much does each service cost?

The price of our services depends on the package chosen and the monthly message volume.  Click Here to see the price list.

Are professional services included for the deployment of the service?

All product bundles come with unlimited Email support and a block of phone and Zoom hours to help you get started.  Click Here for the price list and the included time with each package.

How long does it take to install?

You should expect the go-live process to take 2 to 6 weeks.

Do I need to deploy all features at once?

No, you can activate services as you need them.

What does my staff need to do once your system is deployed?

Your staff must respond to 2-way texting and emails from patients and guests. We will send your team incorrect email addresses and phone numbers to correct in the EMR.

How do I transition from Relatient or another appointment reminder system?

We will assist you in the migration process.

If I am not happy, can I switch back to my previous vendor?


What are the technical requirements of my EMR?

Your EMR must support the HL7 FHIR standard (STU2 or better), including Appointment, Patient, and other profiles. We require clinical access rights (User), not Patient. Our Statement of Work (SOW) documentation provides a complete list of necessary access rights. The client authorizes us to access their EMR and is responsible for any EMR connection fees. We will work directly with your EMR vendor once you have approved our access.

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