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Marketing and Deep Engagement with Better Outcomes Using AI Technology

Patient, Client, Practitioner, and 3rd Party Automated Engagement at All Stages of Your Relationship.

Attract, Connect, Engage


ATTRACT more patients with advanced marketing. We get you into the minds of potential patients with our online marketing solutions.


CONNECT with our HIPAA compliant CRM Solution to scale your practice by automating processes, bringing all customer interactions into one unified platform.


ENGAGE with advanced AI Reputation Management to empower your practice. Use AI to proactively monitor and manage your online reputation across various digital channels.

Discover the effortless way to manage appointments with our automated scheduling system. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and phone calls—simply let clients choose the most convenient time for them from your available slots. Our intuitive platform syncs seamlessly with your calendar, ensuring that you never miss an appointment again. Streamline your scheduling process and focus on what matters most—providing exceptional service to your clients.

Streamline your intake process with our automated solution, designed to save you time and effort. Say farewell to tedious paperwork and manual data entry—our intuitive platform allows clients to complete intake forms online at their convenience. With customizable forms and automated reminders, you can ensure that you have all the necessary information before your clients’ appointments. Simplify your intake process and enhance the client experience with our automated solution.

AI patient engagement involves leveraging artificial intelligence technologies to enhance patient-provider interactions, streamline healthcare processes, and personalize care delivery. Through AI-driven solutions, patients can access tailored health information, receive proactive reminders for appointments and medication adherence, ultimately fostering a more engaged and empowered patient experience in healthcare.

Experience hassle-free payments with our automatic payment system. Say goodbye to chasing down payments and manually processing transactions—our secure platform handles it all for you. Clients can easily submit payments online with just a few clicks, and funds are automatically deposited into your account. With seamless integration and real-time updates, you can track payments effortlessly and focus on growing your business. Simplify your payment process and get paid faster with our automatic payment solution.

Elevate your online reputation with our automated review management system. Say hello to positive reviews and increased credibility—our platform prompts satisfied clients to leave feedback, boosting your online presence. With AI-driven analysis and automated responses, you can manage reviews effortlessly and address any concerns promptly. Strengthen your brand and attract more clients with our automated review solution.

Stress-Free Automated
Patient Journey

All in One Marketing Solutions

  • Full campaigns
  • Social media
  • Landing pages
  • Online reputation management
  • Multi-language support
  • Care plans
  • No-show re-engagement
  • Self-scheduling
  • Electronic intake forms, and more
  • Great price


Senior Living




Patient Concierge™, our patient engagement software solution, enables active involvement of patients in their healthcare decisions, treatment plans, and overall management of their health.

EMR/EHR Connectors

Integration with EMR/EHR systems using our HL7/FHIR and native API connectors. Our solution offers a seamless and efficient method for accessing and exchanging healthcare data, ensuring interoperability and enhancing connectivity with EMR/EHR systems.

Automated Wellness Checks

HIPAA-compliant texting ensures secure communication of sensitive patient information, safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.

Family Involvement Messaging

Relieve FTEs by automating messaging and communication to patients, family, and caretakers

Patient Broadcasting

Eliminate waiting room congestion, update opening and closing hours, update physicians schedule, automatically reschedule patients in case of unexpected closure.


  • Scheduling/rescheduling/cancellations/no-shows
  • Transmitting pre-op electronic care plans
  • Transportation logistics (with Uber and Lyft links)
  • Generating calendar files
  • Appointment reminders with confirmations
  • Alerting family and caregivers on arrival/departure
  • Transmitting electronic post-op care plans,
  • Patient wellness checks
  • Pathology completion status updates

Fully Automated Booking

Automatically book patients to your CRM and calendar without lifting a finger.

Automated Conversation Nurturing

Use AI to book appointments on calendars and EMR without any human interaction.

HIPAA Compliant Texting

HIPAA-compliant texting ensures secure communication of sensitive patient information, safeguarding privacy and confidentiality.

Built In Artificial Intelligence

AIC allows you to leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to manage the conversation.

Grow Your Practice

Our innovative all in one solutions replace hundreds of a la carte marketing platforms

All the Tools You Need in One Platform

Social media marketing, email and SMS marketing, customer engagement, lead pipelines, lead generation, lead nurturing,

Unified Messaging

Whether it's email, chat, voice calls, or social media, unified messaging consolidates all channels, allowing you to seamlessly switch between them without missing a beat.

Built In Artificial Intelligence

AIC allows you to leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to manage the conversation.

Faster Online Payments

Ensure timely payments by effortlessly sending patients digital payment requests, allowing them to conveniently complete transactions with just a few clicks.

Automate patient payment reminders

Reclaim staff time by automating payment reminders through text and email, ensuring seamless communication with patients.

Get Paid Faster

After patients make online payments, funds are automatically deposited into your bank account, requiring no further action from your staff.

Make Payments Easy

Allow patients to submit online payments with ease, requiring just a couple of clicks for the simplest digital payment experience.

AI Reputation Management

Businesses with a higher number of reviews rank higher in search engine results and appear more prominently on review platforms.

Automated Review Requests

Our technology responds to events in our CRM and EMR integrations to automatically send review requests to your customers

Respond Automatically with AI

Our AI technology analyzes customer reviews to identify sentiment and key issues, generating personalized responses that address concerns and showcase the business's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Improved Reputation

A larger volume of positive reviews, enhances the business's reputation. Customers are more inclined to trust businesses with a track record of positive feedback, leading to increased confidence in the brand and a higher likelihood of conversion.

EMR Auditing: Anomaly Detection
and Correction

Automatically book patients to your CRM and calendar without lifting a finger.

Expensive Errors Found in 2% to 14% of Appointments

Our AI finds errors and allows your staff to correct them. Result: immediately more revenue and happier patients.

AI Tracks Logistical and Clinical Workflows for Errors

Volume and complexity of EMR data makes manual auditing almost impossible. We use Data Science to improve your practice every day.

Reduces Liability and Shrinkage

Detects visits without charting and billable visits with no records.

Custom Development

We can develop custom, secure patient engagement workflows for your marketing and clinical use. If you need anything in patient engagement, we have it or may already be working on it.

Free Clinical Staff and FTEs

Continuous Patient Engagement frees clinical staff to concentrate on delivering more billable patient services per staff member.

Health equity and Multi Language Support

Our multi-lingual solutions can engage not only the patient, but their entire social support network to provide continuous tailored communication to enhance outcomes.

Improve Cash Flow

Use AI to improve cash flow by maintaining reliable patient loads (automated engagement and re-engagement) and improve outcomes by using automated secure communication surveys to avoid potential problems.




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