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Partner Program

Are you seeking a strategic healthcare partnership prioritizing customer and partner success, modern patient engagement, practice reputation management, and improved clinical outcomes by technology to improve patient compliance with care plans?

Are you looking for a solution that will make you a hero to your clients by immediately obtaining 5-Star Google patient reviews, increasing practice revenue, lowering labor costs, and creating happier patients?

Most hospitals and clinics have few reviews, and most scores average between 2 and 3 stars on Google. Our clients average over 97% of new 5-Star Google reviews. Once deployed, our practices receive daily 5-Star reviews, and patients regularly tell their practitioners how much they like our system.

How about more patient referrals to the practice without any additional work? Your patients and their guests will refer new patients because we provide consistent, timely, caring, and compassionate communication.

Now imagine that you can deliver all those benefits without additional work by the practice or the staff. Our automation tracks patient data in the EMR using AI technology. We follow appointment and clinical workflows using our AI technology.

Here is the best part: once our system goes live, the incoming phone lines to the practice’s front desk and nurse’s stations will stop ringing with most inbound calls because we proactively send updates to patients, families, caregivers, and guests automatically. Yes, our AI does this to relieve staff of repetitive tasks.

We free up nurses and staff to focus on patients and improve care without additional staff. As you know, hospitals are short-staffed, and anything that frees staff to focus on patient care is greatly appreciated.

Our Partner Program is designed to foster dynamic collaborations, leveraging collective strengths to provide exceptional practitioner + patient experiences and strengthen the reputation of your healthcare providers. Please help us make your clients better.

Who Are Our/Your Customers

Our typical common customer is a practice with multiple offices and practitioners. We deploy to hospitals and clinics on a per-location and department-by-department basis.

We require our customers to use an EMR with a FHIR API interface providing us with user-level access (practitioner level). We require the following minimum FHIR profiles: Patient, Appointment, Encounter, and Service Request. Practices must complete patient 3rd party communication authorizations before deployment. All our communications to the patient and authorized third party are by explicit permissions by the patient or their guardians.

Our customer engagements are collaborative, and we constantly add features based on client input. We prefer tech-savvy clients (i.e., major hospitals and healthcare groups), but you can be the technology and value buffer to help less sophisticated clients upgrade to better technology and processes.

Why Choose Us as Your Partner?

At Analog Informatics Corporation, we are passionate about transforming healthcare through innovation and collaborative partnerships. Our passion comes from our dissatisfaction with our healthcare experiences gained by caring for our family members in hospitals and clinics.

We began our research in 2020 to expand the patient engagement model to continuously keep family members, caregivers, and others updated on the location and status of loved ones. It seemed incomprehensible that our families knew more about our Uber Driver and Amazon package location than the status and location of those in a healthcare environment.

Through our research work with Stanford Medical School, Stanford Engineering School, UC Davis Medical School, and MIT and consulting with doctors in Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, and various specialties, and over a year of in-field clinical beta testing, we released our first version in 2023.

Why partnering with us is a step toward enhancing patient engagement and reputation management:

Healthcare Expertise: With decades of experience in the healthcare industry, we bring an unmatched level of expertise. Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of healthcare trends, patient behavior, and industry best practices.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Solutions: Our platform offers comprehensive solutions to improve patient outcomes, increase satisfaction, and drive loyalty. From telehealth services to personalized care plans, we’ve got you covered.

Reputation Management Solutions: We understand the significance of a positive reputation in healthcare. Our reputation management tools enable healthcare providers to monitor and enhance their online presence, ensuring a stellar reputation in the digital age.

Innovative Technology: Stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge healthcare technology solutions. From AI-driven patient communication tools to data analytics, our platform empowers you to deliver top-notch care.

Personalized Support: We recognize that every Partner has unique needs. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your goals and provide tailored support to achieve them.

Trusted Partner Network: Join a network of trusted Partners who share the same commitment to excellence and patient-centric care. Collaborate and exchange insights with like-minded professionals.

Our Partner Program Highlights

Joining our Partner Program opens the door to a host of exclusive benefits:

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Empower your healthcare organization to deliver exceptional patient experiences, improving patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reputation Enhancement: Take control of your online reputation with our reputation management tools, building trust and credibility in the digital space.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Access a wealth of marketing resources and co-branding opportunities to promote your partnership and reach a broader audience.
  • Data Insights: Leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into patient behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions for better patient outcomes.
  • Training and Support: Receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to maximize the benefits of our solutions and drive success.

How to Become a Partner

Joining our Partner Program is simple:

  • Submit Your Application: Complete our partner application form outlining your healthcare organization’s objectives and alignment with our patient engagement and reputation management focus.
  • Evaluation Process: Our team will assess your application, considering your dedication to patient-centric care and the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Onboarding and Training: Once approved, we’ll guide you through onboarding and provide training on utilizing our platform effectively.
  • Start Transforming Healthcare: Begin our journey together, redefining patient engagement and reputation management in the healthcare industry.

Take the Leap – Partner With Us Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to impact patient engagement and reputation management positively. Join our Partner Program and collaborate to shape the future of healthcare together.

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