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Enhancing Hospital Reputation Scores

Introduction In an era where online platforms heavily influence consumer decisions, a hospital’s reputation on platforms like Google and Yelp can significantly impact its success. Via our internal research and a review of published literature, most hospitals’ general online public reputation scores are poor[i]. Review scores for most hospitals are low (2.5 to 3 stars), and comment

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The Rule of 7 in Healthcare Marketing

The Marketing Rule of 7 On average, it takes at least seven (7) impressions to get a potential customer to buy a product. We create up to 18 contact events for each patient and their authorized recipients (twice the minimum conversion rate). Analog Informatics can generate up to 18 authorized and desired touchpoint events per

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Medical Appointment Errors Detected and Solved by AI

Medical Appointment Errors Detected and Solved by AI Consequences of Appointment Errors Today’s high-traffic medical practices face the daily consequence of appointment errors caused by the front desk and clinical staff. At Analog Informatics, we have measured daily appointment error rates of up to 9% in medical practices. Making matters

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How to Reduce Patient No-Show Rates Using Automation

How to Reduce Patient No-Show Rates Using Automation The Challenge of No-Show Appointments Appointment no-shows are a big challenge for medical practices. No-shows lead to lost revenue, productivity, wasted resources, and disrupted care. There are strategies that healthcare facilities can implement to reduce no-show rates. This article provides practical methods

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