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Practice Billing Outsourcing

Today’s many hospitals and private practices have reduced or eliminated their billing and collection departments and have outsourced most of this work to 3rd party billing services. With all of the EDI complexities, keeping up with CPT coding changes, ICD-10, Rejects, and Denials, it is no surprise that healthcare providers require the technical expertise of specialized billing services.

You are not just another service but a real day-to-day partner to the practice. The practice depends on you to guide them on how to chart and bill properly. You help them select the right EMR, add-ons, and more.

Practice Billers are Practice Partners that Sink or Swim Together

It is a symbiotic relationship where your success is directly tied to your client’s success since your fees come from a percentage of their billables. The more patients a practice sees and the more procedures it performs, the greater your revenue. You understand the effect of accuracy and good patient engagement in the practice’s cash flow.

Lost Revenue: You Can’t Bill with No Chart

You already understand that errors made by the practice in scheduling appointments and charting visits directly affect cash flow. You can’t bill a visit if a practitioner does not record a patient encounter. If appointments are not properly tracked, then no-shows and cancellations are missed. Due to the heavy workload of front desk staff, there is rarely a time in the day to engage patients to reschedule missed appointments.

Using AI to Scan Appointments and Charts

We use AI to constantly scan the EMR to not only keep patients and their guests happy and up-to-date, but we are constantly scanning for billing and appointment anomalies. These errors are sent to the practice every day, weekly, and monthly to allow the practice to recover lost revenue and to make sure that patients and their guests are happy.

Practices Trust their Billing Service

We know your clients depend on you to bring the best services and technology and frequently need you to implement and support it. Before you bring anything to your client, you want to ensure the product is high quality and backed up by its vendor. We understand where you are coming from and have built our company for your success and that of your clients.

Let’s Work Together for Success

We want to work with you to improve your client’s charting accuracy and improve their operations. You receive unlimited free support and training, and we listen to our partners and their needs. You have real input on our technical roadmap. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Application Questionnaire

Please send the following information to

Step 1: Contact Information

  • Company Name: [Your Company Name]
  • Contact Person: [Your Name]
  • Title: [Your Title]
  • Email: [Your Email Address]
  • Phone: [Your Phone Number]
  • Website: [Your Company Website]

Step 2: Company Overview

  • Briefly describe your consulting company’s background, mission, and values.
  • Please explain how your company’s expertise aligns with the goals and values of our program.
  • Highlight any previous experience or success in providing consulting services to healthcare practices or related industries.

Step 3: Partnership Goals

  • Specify the key objectives and goals you hope to achieve through our partner program.
  • Describe the areas of our partner program (billing errors, practice optimization, process improvement, patient engagement, etc.) that you are most interested in collaborating on.

Step 4: Collaboration and Expertise

  • Outline the specific ways your consulting company can contribute to the success of our partner program.
  • Highlight any specific areas of expertise or consulting methodologies that could complement our healthcare solutions.

Step 5: Client Base and Testimonials

  • Indicate the size and demographics of your current client base or target market.
  • Provide any testimonials or case studies from previous healthcare consulting clients demonstrating successful outcomes.

Step 6: Partnerships and Integration Experience

  • Briefly describe any previous partnerships or collaborations your consulting company has engaged in.
  • If applicable, mention any experience in integrating your consulting services with healthcare practices or related entities.

Step 7: Commitment and Expectations

  • State your commitment level to actively participate in our partner program and deliver exceptional consulting services to our mutual clients.
  • Describe your expectations from us as a partner and what support or resources you might require.

Step 8: Additional Information

  • Use this section to provide additional details or references that may strengthen your application.

Step 9: Agreement to Terms

By submitting this partner application, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of our partner program. If accepted, you understand that this application does not constitute a binding agreement but serves as the basis for further discussions and potential partnership opportunities.

Submit Your Application

Please submit your answers to our partnership team at We will review your application carefully and get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a valued partner in our billing services partner program. Together, we can drive positive change and growth for healthcare practices, ensuring they deliver the best patient experiences and optimize their operations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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