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About Us

About Us

Analog Informatics Corporation was incorporated on January 4, 2021.  We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with team members around the USA.  The company is privately held, has no debt, and is financially stable.  Our software and services are free to qualified non-profit pure-charity 501C3 healthcare providers.  

Our Name

Using AI, Data Science, and Big Data, we create regular updates to patients, caregivers, and family members from the data in the EMR as it is entered and updated.  We improve patient communication with less work by the clinical staff.

Our name is Analog Informatics because we autonomously provide reliable and appropriate analogous information (an analog) from healthcare informatics systems to non-clinicians (patients, caregivers, families).

Rather than using AI to provide clinical guidance by analyzing EMR data, we focus on regularly providing information to patients and those they have authorized.  This relieves clinical staff from routine external communication.  We provide analog informatics suitable to patients and others via AI previously provided exclusively by highly skilled humans (when available).

Through our technology, we improve the quality of the information provided to those outside the clinical team and free the clinical team to focus on direct patient care.

Analog Informatics is a trend to provide a customized experience (modern patient engagement) to every patient and guest for both inpatient and outpatient scenarios.

Analog Informatics sounds like an old name from 50+ years ago. Still, it represents cutting-edge technology to simplify healthcare information and deliver it to every device consumers use today at the appropriate time.


  • Help every healthcare provider be successful in business by providing useful technology and business expertise.
  • Provide a personalized and caring concierge experience to every patient, family, and caregiver interacting with healthcare providers.
  • Make healthcare less labor-intensive and costly by automating routine communications.
  • Improve the public reputation of every healthcare provider.

Why Analog Informatics Corporation Exists

About Doris - by PL

Doris at 103
Doris at 103

The Analog Informatics story began with Doris, my mother-in-law, who passed away in 2020 at 103.  

Doris was a remarkable person who always asked: “What’s next?” and encouraged everyone in our family to be exceptional.

In Doris’ last year, we regularly visited doctors and hospitals.  My wife and I are technologists and problem solvers; we were befuddled by how antiquated our experiences were and how hard it was to keep up with Doris’ appointments and care plans. 

Getting into the loop with her doctors and appointments seemed impossible. Everything was paper and faxed only to her.  Her doctors had no interest or resources to keep us in the loop on her care.  We learned that EMRs only keep information about the patient (the billable entity) and have few, if any, formal ways to deal with related persons like family members and caregivers.

As Doris’ condition declined, we found ourselves in the Emergency Room for over 12 hours after bringing Doris in, and we were absolutely in the dark as to where she was, what they were doing, whether she was to be admitted, and if so, which floor and room.  Here we were with the most advanced smartphones in the world, the hospital on the most advanced EMR, and nobody would tell us what was going on.

We were told to go home, and after calling repeatedly for updates, we learned she had been admitted to the hospital; they didn’t have her room number or phone number.  After complaining, we finally got to her care team and her phone bedside.  Over the next six weeks before she passed away, we had the same frustrations about not knowing what was happening, where she was, and what progress was being made with the most important person in our lives.

After Doris passed, we dedicated ourselves to developing a technological solution to keep family members and caregivers in the loop, whether sitting in the Emergency Room, the waiting room, or somewhere else outside the hospital and in the world.

This company is dedicated to Doris and answering her question:
“What’s Next?”  

Our Answer: Make healthcare better for practitioners, patients, and those who care for loved ones using technology, passion, faith, and love as our mission.


Wherever Doris is, we know her soul is doing something remarkable and completing her version of what’s next.  Keep an eye on us from up there!

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