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Hospitals and Non-Ambulatory Facilities

Powerful tools for both hospitals and non-ambulatory facilities, for enhanced operational efficiency.  Automate tasks to decrease staff burden.

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Staff efficiency

Liberate Nursing Staff from Inbound Texts/Calls

  • Deliver more patient time without incoming phone distractions.
  • Guests, caregivers, and families automatically kept up-to-date on patients’ arrival, appointment status, intake, and discharge.
  • Synchronizes with existing ADT workflows in your EMR using AI. No extra work or data entry.
  • We automatically push out detailed facility and amenities information to all patients and guests. No Installed App Needed.

Wellness checks

Automate Wellness Checks and Visit Appreciation Messages

  • Automated personalized wellness checks and thank you messages to patients, caregivers and families.
  • Emails, texts, and/or phone calls to every patient generated from EMR workflows using AI.
  • Improves practice reputation. Consistent, caring experience for all. No extra work. 
  • Generates 5-Star Reviews on Google. 
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Automated Patient Wellness Checks with Analog Informatics makes caring for your patients easier

Patient compliance

Improve Patient Care Compliance and Clinical Outcomes

  • Automatic delivery of electronic care plans to patient and caregiver mobile device calendars.
  • Remind patients, caregivers, and family about scheduled tasks and appointments with audible and pop-up alerts on their mobile devices.
  • Care plan selection derived from EMR workflows using AI. Reduce readmits and complications.


Online Reputation Management Services

  • Most Hospitals get 2 to 3-star online Google reviews.
  • Poor reviews make it hard to recruit profitable patients.
  • Our modern patient and guest engagement system provides a personalized concierge experience to everyone yielding consistent 5-Star Google Reviews.
  • Our reputation management solutions track reviews and automates responses.
  • No extra work by your staff. Guaranteed results.
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