Analog Informatics Corporation

Outpatient Clinics and Ambulatory Facilities

Powerful tools for clinics, medical practices, and ambulatory facilities, for enhanced operational efficiency.  Automate tasks to decrease staff burden.

Analog Informatics helps you increase revenue by delivering modern patient engagement powered by AI


Increase Practice Revenue with Modern Patient and Staff Engagement

  • Automated personalized wellness checks and thank you messages to patients, caregivers and families.
  • Emails, texts, and/or phone calls to every patient generated from EMR workflows using AI.
  • Improves practice reputation. Consistent, caring experience for all. No extra work. 
  • Generates 5-Star Reviews on Google. 

Labor costs

Reduce Labor Costs and Deliver a Consistent Patient Experience

  • Transfer all routine patient logistics communication from staff to an AI-based patient engagement system.
  • Recover No-Shows and Cancellations. Automate wellness checks and customer appreciation notes.
  • Pathology and lab status updates to patients and their caregivers.
  • Patient self-service scheduling, re-scheduling, cancellations with rules to conform with your practice standard.  Convenient for patients and reduces no-shows.
Analog Informatics reduces incoming phone calls to nurses by pushing logisitcs updates to patients, caregivers, family members and others authorized for updates.
Young female doctor talk consult happy senior patient use modern tablet at consultation. Positive caring woman nurse or GP help examine smiling mature 60s woman client in hospital or clinic.

Automated reviews

Patient Review Generation, Reputation Monitoring and Management

  • Automated reminder workflows and charity incentives for patients and their guests to review your practice on Google and Yelp.
  • Optional pre-review patient sentiment check before online review options presented. 
  • Configurable reminder fatique settings to not overpoll for reviews.
  • Patients and guests can pick from over 20,000 charities that the practice will donate to for an intent to provide an online reviews.
  • Automatically monitor reviews of all locations and compare to peers.
  • Respond to reviews automatically, manually, and via human AI assisted contextual responses.

EMR auditing

EMR Mistakes are Costing You Dearly

  • Use our AI-based EMR auditing technology to find and correct unbilled and uncharted/non-finalized visits.
  • Over 9% of appointments aren’t entered correctly in practices.
  • There is typically no time left for busy staff to follow up on no-shows and canceled appointments.
  • Automated follow-up on No-Shows and Cancelled Appointments to get patients to self-service rebook.
  • You completed the work; you deserve to be paid.
Stop the frustration of having to track down pennies due to EMR errors
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