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Patient & Staff Engagement

Modernize Patient Communication for 5-star Google Reviews, More Referrals, and Happier Patients and Guests.

Patients today expect you to provide a concierge experience customized to their needs and incorporate their caregivers and family members into all communication about their care.

High-volume clinics and hospitals don’t have the staff and resources to meet the communication needs of today’s patients and leave them frustrated with the lack of empathy and care they perceive due to poor communication.

We constantly communicate with patients and guests using AI technology, EMR data, and clinical workflows to keep them informed and happy.

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Reputation Management

Continuously Report, Monitor, and Respond to Online Reviews.

Most hospitals and clinics have scores of 2 to 3 Stars on Google because they don’t monitor and manage their reputation.

We help you understand the causes of poor reputation and provide systems to improve your online scores dramatically.

We constantly scan reputation sites and report your score across all locations vs. your peers. You can get alerts on receipt of low scores and take action to remediate them.

Our clients see immediate improvements in their scores within days of deployment.

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Revenue Loss Recovery

Your Front Desk Staff’s Appointment Errors Hurt Your Reputation. Scribe Charting Mistakes Cause Lost Revenue.

Our internal research shows error rates of up to 9% of appointments and encounters that are not correctly completed and become unbillable.

These errors result in angry and disillusioned patients and procedures that are not billed.
These errors are very hard to find in most EMRs because they are not designed to find them. Outside billing and auditors are generally incapable of finding these errors.

Our AI system tracks patient workflows where we detect and report on appointments and encounter anomalies found daily, weekly, and monthly.

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