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Pathology Report Completion Messaging

Automate Pathology Report Completion Messaging

Analog Informatics uses your EMR data to automatically generate pathology report completion messaging to patients, caregivers, and practitioners.

Patients are Naturally Anxious Waiting for Pathology Reports

Many patients and family members are anxious about the results of their pathology or lab tests. Adding to this anxiety is the requirement for patients to call into practices periodically to check if their results are in.

If the practice calls patients with completion status, this becomes another burden on staff. If practitioners want to know when pathology or tests are in, they require a call or message from staff.

How Pathology Report Completion Messaging Works

At Analog Informatics, we track the completion of pathology and lab tests (Service Requests) for your staff and patients. On the initial collection of specimens, we send a welcome message to the patient explaining the message process. As tests are completed, we message the patient with the total completion status. When all tests are completed, we automatically message all parties.

For patients, we provide contact information to schedule a pathology/lab completion consultation. If we alert by voice/phone, we offer the option to be immediately connected to the office for a consultation or scheduled consultation per practice needs.

Updates are sent automatically via email, SMS/Text, and Voice per your preferences. With these updates, we eliminate all of those inbound calls and make everyone happier in the process.

Patient pathology status update email generated by Analog Informatics.


  • Modern patient engagement requires real-time lab/pathology completion status updates for patients and their authorized caregivers.
  • All messaging templates can be customized.
  • Keep data up to date in the EMR, and our service automatically takes care of the required patient communication work. No extra work.

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