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Patient No-Show Appointment Management

Processes and Technology to Improve Appointment Adherence

Patient no shows for appointment
Automation and
Patient No-Shows

Appointment no-shows are a big challenge for medical practices.  No-shows lead to lost revenue, productivity, wasted resources, and disrupted care.  There are strategies that healthcare facilities can implement to reduce no-show rates.  This document shows you details on how Analog Informatics AI technology automates the management of patient no-shows.  

Patient Support Community Engagement

  • Patients can add/remove others to be informed about their appointments and care in real time.
  • Office staff can add others to be informed during intake based on the patient’s permission.
  • Additional parties receive notifications of new appointment bookings, arrivals, pick-ups, no-shows, cancellations, and pathology status.
  • Additional parties keep patients on schedule and minimize no-shows.
Editing authorized recipient of patient

Pre-Appointment Reminders

  • All patients and guests receive a welcome message to the practice on their first appointment.  This message introduces them to the practice, their provider, and other info.
  • Patients and authorized third parties receive appointment reminders, calendar files, pre-op care instructions, transportation/parking info, Uber/Lyft links to the office, nearby pharmacies, WiFi, restroom location/access details, and navigation to the office.

Missed Appointment Detection

  • Front desk staff are required to change the appointment status in the EMR to no-show when they have determined the patient is a no-show.  
  • No-shows should be recorded within a couple of hours of the determination.
  • There is no need to leave the EMR and no additional work to begin re-engagement of no-show patients.

Appointment Anomaly Detection

  • Communication workflows to patients and guests are based on the accurate and timely entry of changes in appointment status in the EMR by the front desk staff.
  • All appointments must end as Fulfilled (completed), No-Show, or Cancelled.
  • When we detect changes in appointment status, we switch to the appropriate workflows for the appointment type.
  • Our AI technology detects appointments that have not been completed correctly by staff.  We automatically generate alerts to staff when we detect errors.
  • Once mistakes are corrected, our AI takes over completing the appropriate workflows.


  • When our software detects an appointment status changing to No-Show in your EMR, we immediately email and text the patient (and their authorized contacts) to reschedule their appointment online (link provided) or to directly contact the office.
  • Repeated reminder messages are generated until the patient re-engages with the practice.  
  • The number of reminders and their frequency are controlled by the practice.


  • Patients are given custom website links in their re-engagement messages to reschedule their visit.
  • The website page for rescheduling can provide immediate self-service selection of a new time slot based on the appointment type and new patient status (new or existing patient).
  • The practice can provide different options for rescheduling based on the appointment type, location, and practitioners’ preferences.  Some medical practices prefer that the patient call the office directly to set a new appointment, depending on the appointment type.

Tracking Results

  • Different no-show strategies produce different results.
  • Operational No-Show data is available and charted continuously.
  • Charts for the number of No-Shows, Cancellations, and Self-Service Rebookings over the last 7 days are on the administrator console.
  • Data can be sorted and filtered by location and date.
  • Automation options for patients, such as cancellations and rescheduling by self-service, produce happier patients and a fuller schedule.


  • Most practices ignore no-show patients and have no methodology to get them to re-engage.
  • AI-automated messaging workflows take over the task of reminding patients, caregivers, families, and others to have patients reschedule. 
  • Patients can contact your staff or use our self-service scheduling based on open time slots in the EMR. 
  • Your staff no longer needs to manually make outbound calls, emails, or texts to no-show patients. 
  • Neglecting your no-shows is simply ignoring revenue that is easy to capture with the right technology.
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