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Multilingual Patient Communication

Seamless Communication, Every Language: Patient Concierge™ Bridges the Gap.

Attract, Connect, Engage

Continuous Patient Engagement in 150+ Languages

Imagine a world where every patient receives clear, personalized healthcare information in their preferred language. With Patient Concierge™, an AI-powered patient engagement platform, that world is within reach.

Patient Concierge™ seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to eliminate language barriers and empower effective communication. Here’s how:

Leveraging the Power of Your EMR/EHR:

  • Automated Reminders and Updates: Patient Concierge™ automatically pulls information from your EMR/EHR to deliver timely reminders for appointments, medication adherence, and preventative care, all translated into the patient’s preferred language (over 150 languages supported!).
  • Personalized Communication: Go beyond basic reminders. Patient Concierge™ allows practitioners to send personalized messages with customized instructions, discharge summaries, or well-being check-ins, ensuring every patient receives clear and actionable information resulting in a lower readmit rate.
  • Multilingual Patient Engagement: Our AI-powered platform automatically translates messages into the patient’s preferred language, fostering understanding and building trust.

Interested in healthcare equity? 

Our multi-lingual solutions can engage not only the patient, but their entire social support network to provide continuous tailored communication to enhance outcomes.

Benefits of Patient Concierge™ Multilingual Communication:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Clear communication is crucial for medication adherence, following treatment plans, and pathology completion notifications. Patient Concierge™ empowers informed decision-making, leading to better health outcomes.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Feeling understood and respected is essential for patient satisfaction. Patient Concierge™ breaks down language barriers, fostering trust and stronger relationships between patients and healthcare providers.
  • Increased Patient Engagement: Receiving information in their native language allows patients to actively participate in their care plan, ask questions, and feel more empowered about their health.
  • Reduced Risk of Errors: Miscommunication can lead to medical errors. Patient Concierge™ minimizes this risk by ensuring clear communication at every stage of the care journey.

Examples of Real-Time Messaging From Our Platform


No more paying and frustrating expensive nursing staff to play phone tag with their patients, repeating the exact robotic phrases and questions.  Nurses can now evaluate survey results, certify them, and intercede in abnormal situations efficiently.  This means more frequent checking on patient conditions and more free staff to address problems.  Our wellness checks can be carried out in English, Tagalog (Philipino), Chinese, Spanish, and other languages, and the results can be stored in your EMR. 

Any human process your staff does with patients can be automated and made more efficient while maintaining human oversight and billability for patient interactions.  We use data science to analyze patient data continuously, but we also alert on findings and post back to your EMR and other systems to alert staff as well as for billing purposes.

Call us, and let’s work together to improve your practice, patient/staff experiences, and outcomes.


Continuous Patient Engagement Available in 150+ Languages

Automated Appointment Management: Customizable Online Intake Forms, Self-Service Appointment Scheduling, Reminders,  Confirmations, Self-Service Cancellation and Rebooking. Patient Broadcasts based on Complex Appointment Criteria.

Multiple Language Support: All Text, Email, and Voice Calls Generated in the Preferred Language of Patients and Guests.  Most Popular Languages Already Supported. Essential Feature for Achieving Healthcare Equity of Marginalized Groups.

Two-Way Texting and Email.  Detection and Reporting of Delivery and Invalid Email Addresses and Phone Numbers.  No App is Needed on Patient Phones.

Amenity Website for Patients and Guests:  Facilities Navigation, Links to Uber/Lyft, Food Options, Pharmacies, Wi-Fi Info, Restrooms, and more.

Practitioner Messaging: Alert on Patient Arrival, Pathology Completion, and more.

Automated Post-Appointment Online Review Requests for Google, Yelp, and others.  Support for CAHPS and other surveys. Anti-Survey Fatigue Logic and Charity Donation Incentives for Reviews.  Pre-Review Gating for Poor Reviews.

Advanced Reputation Management: Per Location with Fixed-Response, Reporting, AI Responses (PHI Leakage Blocks), and Competitive Analysis.

Lost Revenue and Appointment Error Anomaly Reporting: Data Science Analysis Delivered Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Exportable Reports.

Automated Wellness Checks & Appreciation Messages: to Patients and Guests

Automated Logistics Updates: Guests Updated on Patient Arrival, Pick-Up, Missed/Cancelled Appointments

Automated Pathology Completion Status: Updates Sent to Patients and Guests.  All Parties Informed on Lab Status Continuously.

Automated No-Show and Cancellation Reminders: to Patients and Guests w. Self-Service Rebooking.

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