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Revolutionizing Patient Concierge

How Analog Concierge™ Redefines the Patient Concierge Experience

Patient Concierge in Healthcare

Patient concierge services have become an essential component of modern healthcare, enhancing patient engagement and improving overall care experiences. Analog Informatics offers a cutting-edge solution called Analog Concierge™, an AI-driven patient engagement software that revolutionizes the way healthcare providers interact with their patients.

Analog Concierge™ serves as a comprehensive patient concierge system, providing a range of features designed to streamline communication, improve patient satisfaction, and boost healthcare outcomes. Here are some key aspects of this innovative patient concierge solution:

Continuous Patient Communication:

Analog Concierge™ establishes seamless communication channels with patients throughout their healthcare journey, ensuring they remain informed and engaged at every step.

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Multi-Lingual Messaging

Our software connects to you EMR to supports multi-lingual messaging according to the patient’s preferred language, allowing healthcare providers to communicate effectively with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Automated Wellness Checks

By leveraging EMR data, Analog Concierge™ sends personalized messages to patients and caregivers, eliminating the need for manual outreach and demonstrating ongoing care.

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Patient Broadcasting

The system enables healthcare providers to send timely reminders, updates, and educational content directly to patients’ devices, helping manage waiting room congestion and keeping patients informed about schedule changes.

Family and Caregiver Communication

Analog Concierge™ ensures that authorized family members and caregivers receive practitioner-branded messages about their loved one’s status, enhancing the overall care experience

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Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Our solution includes post-visit satisfaction surveys that adhere to industry standards, allowing healthcare providers to gather valuable feedback and improve their services.

Appointment Management

Analog Concierge™ solution streamlines the appointment process by offering online scheduling, automated reminders, and efficient handling of no-shows and cancellations.

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Pathology Reporting

The AI-powered system automates pathology reporting, saving time for physicians and improving collaboration among healthcare professionals.

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, a robust patient concierge system like Analog Concierge™ can be the differentiating factor that sets a healthcare provider apart, ensuring patient satisfaction and loyalty while driving business growth.  Our solution replaces the need for FTEs who answer phones, guide patients and visitors though the facility, and other logistical duties.

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