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Appointment and Pathology Completion Updates

Keep Every Healthcare Participant In The Loop

Practitioners need patient arrival notifications. Families want to know when and where their loved ones have appointments booked. They may want to know when loved ones arrive or when appointments are completed so they can pick them up. Patients, families, and caregivers must keep calling your offices to check on lab/pathology report completions. Practitioners run behind schedule, not knowing that they have patients waiting for them.

Analog Informatics has solved many patient logistics challenges by using real-time EMR data, AI, and clinical workflows. Using that data we generate a constant stream of logistical updates to practitioners, patients, and their authorized guests. Information is automatically delivered in an omnichannel format via SMS, Email, and voice calls.

Chart of logistics messages generated by Analog Informatics.
Chart of logistics messages generated by Analog Informatics.

Full Modern Patient Engagement Requires Communication of Patient Logistics

We continuously track patients as they confirm, arrive, check-in, and check out, as well as longer-term lab/pathology completions. When there is a change in EMR status, we share that information with the patient and authorized 3rd parties. We provide updates on pathology/lab completion status and alert patients to contact their doctor’s office to review the results.

Updates are sent automatically via email, SMS/Text, and Voice per your preferences, all with no special human labor tasks. With these updates, we eliminate all of those inbound calls and make everyone happier in the process.

Patient pathology status update email generated by Analog Informatics.
The patient pathology status update email was generated by Analog Informatics.


  • Modern patient engagement requires real-time appointments and lab/pathology updates of patients and their authorized social network.
  • Automatically message patients and their social networks in a timely, authorized, and appropriate manner. All messaging templates can be customized.
  • Keep data up to date in the EMR, and our service automatically takes care of the required patient communication work. No extra work.

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