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2 Way SMS Messaging

Two-way SMS messaging, also known as conversational SMS, allows for the sending and receiving of text messages between two parties. This differs from one-way SMS, which only allows for sending messages one direction.

SMS Messaging

How SMS in Healthcare is Transforming Patient Engagement

  • High open and response rates: 98% of adults open text messages, and 90% respond within 3 minutes. No more missed appointments or unanswered questions.
  • Instant and convenient: Patients can access information and communicate with their providers.
  • Personal touch: Texting feels conversational and friendly, fostering a stronger connection between patients and providers.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to phone calls and mailings, SMS is a budget-friendly way to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently.
Woman In Medical Scrubs Talking On Mobile Phone Working Or Studying On Laptop At Home At Night
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Staff efficiency

Liberate Nursing Staff from Inbound Texts/Calls

  • Deliver more patient time without incoming phone distractions.
  • Guests, caregivers, and families automatically kept up-to-date on patients’ arrival, appointment status, intake, and discharge.
  • Synchronizes with existing ADT workflows in your EMR using AI. No extra work or data entry.
  • We automatically push out detailed facility and amenities information to all patients and guests. No Installed App Needed.


Building Trust and Better Outcomes

  • Improved patient satisfaction: Feeling heard and engaged leads to happier patients.
  • Increased appointment adherence: Reminders and follow-ups mean fewer missed appointments.
  • Better health outcomes: Proactive communication and education lead to healthier patients.
  • HIPPA Compliant: HIPAA-compliant SMS encryption to protect patient privacy.
Woman In Medical Scrubs Talking On Mobile Phone Working Or Studying On Laptop At Home At Night
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