Outpatient Clinics and Ambulatory Facilities

Analog Informatics helps you increase revenue by delivering modern patient engagement powered by AI

Increase Practice Revenue with Modern Patient and Staff Engagement

  • NEW AI technology to immediately improve your practice.
  • Unique concierge experience for every patient and their guests constantly delivered through their healthcare journey on their phones and PCs.
  • No extra work on your part to improve your practice communication and operations.
  • Rapid results due to automation.

Reduce Labor Costs and Deliver a Consistent Patient Experience

  • Transfer all routine patient logistics communication from staff to an AI-based patient engagement system.
  • Recover No-Shows and Cancellations. Automate wellness checks and customer appreciation notes.
  • Pathology and lab status updates to patients and their caregivers.
  • Patient self-service scheduling, re-scheduling, cancellations with rules to conform with your practice standard.  Convenient for patients and reduces no-shows.
Close up of medical professional team meeting in clinic office
Help your patients navigate your practice with Analog Informatics navigation services

Patient Review Generation, Reputation Monitoring and Management

  • Automated reminder workflows and charity incentives for patients and their guests to review your practice on Google and Yelp.
  • Optional pre-review patient sentiment check before online review options presented. 
  • Configurable reminder fatique settings to not overpoll for reviews.
  • Patients and guests can pick from over 20,000 charities that the practice will donate to for an intent to provide an online reviews.
  • Automatically monitor reviews of all locations and compare to peers.
  • Respond to reviews automatically, manually, and via human AI assisted contextual responses.

EMR Mistakes are Costing You Dearly

  • Use our AI-based EMR auditing technology to find and correct unbilled and uncharted/non-finalized visits.
  • Over 9% of appointments aren’t entered correctly in practices.
  • There is typically no time left for busy staff to follow up on no-shows and canceled appointments.
  • Automated follow-up on No-Shows and Cancelled Appointments to get patients to self-service rebook.
  • You completed the work; you deserve to be paid.
Stop the frustration of having to track down pennies due to EMR errors

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