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Modern Patient and Staff Engagement

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Product Features

  • Scheduling/rescheduling/cancellations/no-shows
  • Transmitting pre-op electronic care plans
  • Transportation logistics (with Uber and Lyft links)
  • Generating calendar files
  • Appointment reminders with confirmations
  • Alerting family and caregivers on arrival/departure
  • Transmitting electronic post-op care plans,
  • Patient wellness checks
  • Pathology completion status updates
  • And More…

Product Overview - Extending Patient Engagement

Generating the Ideal Outpatient Experience

Modern patient engagement refers to the active involvement of patients in their healthcare decisions, treatment plans, and overall management of their health. It has become a crucial aspect of contemporary healthcare, emphasizing a patient-centered approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and collaborate with healthcare providers.

However, in our experience, and that of those publishing research on the topic, it is essential to expand the scope of information delivered, methods of information delivery, and the population of authorized persons receiving that information. The reasons are simple: patients and their guests are alienated by the status quo of poor communication, rating most hospitals with 2 to 3 stars on a 5-star range. This has led patients in non-acute scenarios to select providers with good online reputations.

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