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Appointment Reminders Using AI

  • Omnichannel Reminders

    AI analyzes patient and guest contacts and uses ideal methods of communication to guarantee receipt.

  • Caregiver Network Informed

    Patients opt-in family and caregivers to receive confirmations and reminders. No-shows and cancellations shared to improve compliance.

  • Reduce No-Shows & Cancels

    Pre-visit familiarization, pre-op care plans, logistics including Uber/Lyft links, parking, and self-rescheduling.

Automated Reputation Management Using AI

  • Automated Review Requests to Every Patient & Guest

    No effort needed by staff to get online reviews.

  • Automatic Replies to Reviews

    Show you care about the patient experience via immediate contextual responses. Use our AI system to draft personalized responses to specific reviews.

  • Track Your Progress

    Automatically send reports to offices and staff to track their progress.

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EMR Auditing: Anomaly Detection and Correction

  • Expensive Errors Found in 2% to 14% of Appointments

    Our AI finds errors and allows your staff to correct them. Result: immediately more revenue and happier patients.

  • AI Tracks Logistical and Clinical Workflows for Errors

    Volume and complexity of EMR data makes manual auditing almost impossible. We use Data Science to improve your practice every day.

  • Reduces Liability and Shrinkage

    Detects visits without charting and billable visits with no records.

Patient No-Shows/ Cancellation Management

  • Automated Handling of No-Shows

    AI re-engages all patient no-shows and cancellations automatically. Patients can reschedule and staff are informed of changes. Rescheduling options may be appointment-type specific.

  • No Phone-Tag Needed

    Staff are relieved of task trying to reach missed patient by leaving phone messages and sending texts and emails.

  • Modern Patient Engagement

    Patients are empowered to adjust their scheduled appointments rather than randomly not show up.

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Facility Navigation

  • Concierge Service for Every Patient and Guest

    Custom-built website generated by AI and your staff's knowledge for every location.

  • Patient Questions Answered

    Every logistical and facility question is answered via a link in every email and text. Ridesharing links provided for Lyft and Uber. Directions to parking, food, pharmacy are provided.

  • Timesaver for Staff

    Your staff spends hours each day answering logisics questions. Our linked website frees staff time each day.

AI Patient & Guest Logistics Updates

  • Staff Time Consumed on Logistics Communication

    Coordinating pick-ups/drop-offs, arranging transport, rescheduling, uses large blocks of staff time every day. We relieve staff of this burden.

  • Workflow Driven Broadcasts

    AI tracks workflows and notifies all parties on intake, procedures and discharge. Caregivers and family are always kept in the loop automatically.

  • Secure Approved Opt-In

    Patient provides and approves all 3rd parties that receive non-clinical updates to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Automated Electronic Care Plans

  • Delivered Automatically to Patient and Caregivers

    Detailed minute-by-minute care plans alert on PC and mobile devices for medication, measurements, procedures, and wound checks. Plans can run for days or weeks.

  • Better Outcomes from Better Compliance

    Care plans are sent to all parties responsible for patient care per patient's prior approval. No special tasks by staff to send care plans.

  • Configurable by Practice

    Care plan is taken directly from EMR or generated by appointment type per practitioner preference. Comprehensive editor to get plans exactly right.

Pathology/Lab Report Completion Messaging

  • Real-Time Appointment and Lab/Pathology Updates

    Modern patient engagement requires real-time appointments and lab/pathology updates of patients and their authorized care network.

  • Automatic Communication with Patients & Care Networks

    Automatically message patients and their care networks in a timely, authorized, and appropriate manner. No extra work required.

  • Highly Customizable Messaging Templates

    All messaging templates can be customized for your specific practice's needs.

Automated Wellness Checks

  • Automated Wellness Checks sent out Each Evening

    Automatically send out wellness checks after out-patient procedures, no extra work from your staff.

  • Improve Patient Experience

    Better, more consistent communication with patients cultivates trust and loyalty with your practice.

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

    Modern Patient Engagement proves reliability to your patients, which betters patient compliance and overall patient outcomes.

Patient Appreciation Messaging

  • Send Messages of Appreciation for Each Patient Encounter

    Automatically send thank you messages and messages of appreciation to all your patients, after each encounter.

  • Show you Care with Proper Patient Engagement

    Build strong emotional bonds and loyalty with your patients by sending out personalized appreciation messages.

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