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Better Outcomes with Patient Engagement

Attract and retain patients effectively with Analog Informatics' AI based Patient Concierge™ software.

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What Is Patient Engagement Software?

Patient Concierge™, our patient engagement software solution, enables active involvement of patients in their healthcare decisions, treatment plans, and overall management of their health. It is a crucial aspect of contemporary healthcare, emphasizing a patient-centered approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and collaborate with healthcare providers.

Use patient engagement software to:

  • Establish continuous communication channels with patients for seamless connectivity throughout their healthcare journey.
  • Facilitate follow-up appointments and improve quality performance by prompting patients to schedule necessary follow-up visits and providing personalized care plans.
  • Screen patients for clinical requirements and social risks, allowing proactive intervention and support for holistic well-being.
  • Gather direct feedback from patients in real-time, enabling swift response to concerns and insights for service enhancement.
  • Disseminate announcements and updates efficiently to your patient community, keeping them informed about important news, events, and changes.
  • Monitor patient interactions with your organization, tracking engagement metrics to optimize processes and tailor services to meet patient needs and preferences effectively.

Key Elements of Patient Engagement Software:

Elevating patient engagement ranks high on the agenda for many healthcare organizations, and patient intake software stands out as a valuable tool in achieving this goal. Here’s a breakdown of essential features to consider when selecting a patient engagement platform:


Appointment Reminders

Online Patient Intake


Patient Broadcasting

Patient Communication

Patient Satisfaction

Review Management

Family Involvement

HIPAA Compliant CRM

Online Scheduling

Empower patients with Analog Informatics’ seamless online scheduling feature. Our platform allows patients to effortlessly book or request appointments directly from their devices, at their convenience and from anywhere.

With Analog Informatics, automate appointment notifications for patients upon scheduling, reducing administrative burdens for clinic schedulers, front-office staff, or call centers. Additionally, our customizable workflows enable you to tailor appointment request forms according to your organization’s specific rules and templates, ensuring a personalized experience for both patients and staff.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce phone calls and decrease no-shows with Analog Informatics’ automated appointment reminders. Our platform enables you to send reminders to patients through email, text message, or automated voice call, allowing them to confirm, reschedule, or request to cancel their appointment directly from the message. Additionally, customize your reminder messages to enhance patient response rates.

Say goodbye to phone tag and streamline communication using Analog Informatics’ automated appointment reminders. Keep clinicians’ schedules full while fostering more accessible and inclusive patient engagement regarding their care.

Online Patient Intake

Looking to streamline your administrative processes and give your staff more time to focus on meaningful tasks? Analog Informatics has the solution you need.

Our cutting-edge patient intake platform is designed to automate manual and repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to accomplish more in less time. With customizable check-in workflows tailored to your specific needs, Analog Informatics offers a range of modalities to suit different environments.

Discover how Analog Informatics can integrate seamlessly with your existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to further streamline workflows and improve efficiency. Unlock the potential for increased productivity and enhanced patient experiences with Analog Informatics today.  Find Out Here


Ensure timely payments by effortlessly sending patients digital payment requests, allowing them to conveniently complete transactions with just a few clicks.

Automate patient payment reminders

Reclaim staff time by automating payment reminders through text and email, ensuring seamless communication with patients.

Get Paid Faster

After patients make online payments, funds are automatically deposited into your bank account, requiring no further action from your staff.

Make Payments Easy

Allow patients to submit online payments with ease, requiring just a couple of clicks for the simplest digital payment experience.

Patient Broadcasting

Analog Informatics revolutionizes patient engagement with its comprehensive SMS, MMS, and email broadcasting solutions. Through these channels, healthcare providers can deliver timely reminders, updates, and educational content directly to patients’ devices, even if the clinic or provider is running behind schedule to prevent waiting room congestion. 

  • Eliminate Waiting Room Congestion
  • Update Opening and Closing Hours
  • Update Physicians Schedule
  • Automatically Reschedule Patients in Case of Unexpected Closure

Patient and Family Communication

Looking for a patient messaging platform that meets your patients, their families, and caretakers where they are? Analog Informatics has you covered.

With two-way SMS and MMS messaging, your staff can notify patients, their families, and caretakers when they’re ready to be seen or inform them of any delays from their provider. Plus, Analog Informatics allows staff to reach out to patients who haven’t yet entered the virtual waiting room for their scheduled telehealth visit.

We offer HIPAA-compliant patient messaging empowers your providers to communicate swiftly with patients, their families, and caretakers via text message, including securely exchanging photos and videos.

Streamline messaging, effortlessly engage with all stakeholders, and deliver a superior, more convenient patient experience for everyone involved.

Patient Satisfaction

Curious about your practice’s patient feedback? Analog Informatics’ post-visit satisfaction surveys empower you to gain valuable insights into your patients’ healthcare experiences.

Crafted to adhere to industry standards, our patient surveys enable you to track your Net Promoter Score, assess key drivers of patient satisfaction, and direct patients to online review platforms. Additionally, staff members can receive real-time alerts if a patient provides negative feedback on a survey.

Moreover, Analog Informatics’ patient surveys are strategically designed for reputation management. When a patient expresses satisfaction in a survey, our system automatically encourages them to share their positive experience through online reviews, amplifying your practice’s online presence, attracting more patient reviews, and fostering practice growth.

Upgraded Reputation Management Using AI

Businesses with a higher number of reviews rank higher in search engine results and appear more prominently on review platforms.

Automated Review Requests

Our technology responds to events in our CRM and EMR integrations to automatically send review requests to your customers

Respond Automatically
with AI

Our AI technology analyzes customer reviews to identify sentiment and key issues, generating personalized responses that address concerns and showcase the business's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Improved Reputation

A larger volume of positive reviews, enhances the business's reputation. Customers are more inclined to trust businesses with a track record of positive feedback, leading to increased confidence in the brand and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Family Involvement Messaging

At Analog Informatics, we prioritize family involvement in patient care through comprehensive messaging solutions via MMS, SMS, and email. Our platform ensures that family members and caretakers receive practitioner-branded messages, keeping them informed about their loved one’s whereabouts and status. These messages are triggered automatically by events in the EMR, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring timely communication.

By leveraging our automated messaging system, healthcare providers can enhance transparency and facilitate seamless communication with patients’ support networks. With Analog Informatics, families and caretakers can stay connected and informed, contributing to a more collaborative and supportive healthcare experience for all involved parties.

HIPAA Compliant CRM

Our CRM gathers and manages patient data efficiently, enabling healthcare providers to deliver personalized communications based on individual preferences, medical history, and needs. This personalized approach strengthens patient-provider relationships and fosters greater engagement.

How Our Patient Engagement Software Works

Generating the Ideal Outpatient Experience

Modern patient engagement refers to the active involvement of patients in their healthcare decisions, treatment plans, and overall management of their health. It has become a crucial aspect of contemporary healthcare, emphasizing a patient-centered approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being and collaborate with healthcare providers.

However, in our experience, and that of those publishing research on the topic, it is essential to expand the scope of information delivered, methods of information delivery, and the population of authorized persons receiving that information. The reasons are simple: patients and their guests are alienated by the status quo of poor communication, rating most hospitals with 2 to 3 stars on a 5-star range. This has led patients in non-acute scenarios to select providers with good online reputations.

Economic Realities of Healthcare: Patient Expectations Exceed Healthcare Resources

There exists a gap between patient and guest expectations and the capabilities of healthcare providers to deliver timely information and follow-up on care delivery. Historically the task of keeping patients and families updated on their pre, at, and post-op status has mostly fallen on nurses and front desk staff receiving incoming phone calls or physical visits to a desk or kiosk.

In 2020 we began researching the viability of using AI to take over the role of humans providing patient and guest updates on their loved ones. Our thinking was: there are not enough human beings nor enough money to pay them, to deliver the experiences that modern consumers expect. We knew technology was the answer to the labor shortage and costs of delivering quality and compassionate care to patients and their loved ones.

How Our AI Understands and Explains Clinical & Logistical Workflows to Lay Persons.

To successfully deliver the new modern patient engagement communications service, our AI needed to understand all the longitudinal logistical and clinical workflows a patient encounters. We then had to properly express logistical and clinical information to various people (roles and existing medical knowledge) at an appropriate frequency.

We also had to consider our confidence that the information was authoritative and would not change due to practitioner or patient cancellations or changes. Another issue to be dealt with in AI tracking was the injection of human errors or anomalies in workflows that created impossible scenarios.

To automate the resolution of workflow logic issues, we provided failsafe logic and hysteresis to delay or abort messaging to assure sanity and confidence based on the EMR’s current state.

Free Front Desk and Nurses from Phone Calls

By 2023 and after years of testing on real clinical operations, we achieved excellent results that have dramatically reduced incoming phone calls to nurses and front desks, created grateful patients and families that all feel they are now treated with care and compassion, and a continuous stream of 5-star reviews by patients and guests on Google and Yelp.

These positive outcomes have been achieved without adding staff, no additional staff tasks, and no operations changes. Because we use AI to operate in real-time against EMR data, there are no scalability issues, and results are consistent.

Compare This to Your Current Appointment Reminder System

Typical appointment reminder systems have a single message workflow for the simple appointment process (pending, booked/confirmed). In our system, we have constructed over 43+ workflows tracking appointments, full cycle ADT, appointment types, labs requests, encounters, and more, to ensure the proper message goes to the right person at the right time with high confidence.

How Does it Work?

Our product development has focused on improving the patient and guest experience and outcomes using data continuously harvested from the EMR, a knowledge of clinical workflows, and AI to construct continuous contextual messaging to patients, caregivers, families, and other guests. The technology creates a continuous string of voice calls, emails, and text messages containing logistical updates and support information based on where the patient is in their journey.

Modernize Your Front Desk Automation

  • Scheduling/rescheduling/cancellations/no-shows
  • Transmitting pre-op electronic care plans
  • Transportation logistics (with Uber and Lyft links)
  • Generating calendar files
  • Appointment reminders with confirmations
  • Alerting family and caregivers on arrival/departure
  • Transmitting electronic post-op care plans,
  • Patient wellness checks
  • Pathology completion status updates
  • And More…

Your Staff Would Do All This If They Had the Time – They don’t, So It Does Not Get Done

This happens automatically and is transmitted, as appropriate, via Email, Text, and Voice Calls. This is transmitted to the patient, caregivers, family, and friends as authorized by the patient automatically with no staff effort.

Support Most Modern EMRs

To achieve the broadest product EMR compatibility, we selected the open FHIR data standard, compatible with the oldest and most widely deployed standards (STU2 forward). This means fast deployment on EPIC, Cerner, ModMed, AthenaHealth, and others.

Getting To, Visiting At, Going Home

AI Goes Geolocation and Resource Hunting

Here is a funny story. We were visiting a loved one at a hospital and wondering if we parked in the best place; we wanted to find out where to get a cup of coffee, where to get a meal, any places to shop, and when the visiting hours would end. We could not find any of this information on the hospital’s website. It turned out that this information was available in a printed notebook next to the bed of our family member, who was not conscious. As it turned out, the book was mostly out of date, and the book could not be taken home to be used to plan our next visit.

We realized this lack of location knowledge existed for virtually every healthcare provider. The information was transmitted to every visitor manually as a pre-visit phone briefing. The information delivered was uneven, depending on each staff member’s knowledge. Where are the bathrooms, keys to the bathroom, WiFi name and password, best parking, validations, which entrance to use, etc?

So we automatically build custom websites for each physical location that have everything a patient or guest needs to know using AI technology and geolocation information from the EMR, combined with Google and other data sources. The information is supplemented by your staff’s knowledge of amenities not known on the web and tips and tricks to get around.

Links to this well-organized rich data and resources are transmitted to every patient and their guests via SMS/MMS and Email on every message they receive. This resource to all patients and guests reduces the incoming phone calls for routine information and removes the need for a pre-visit location briefing call.

How Do I Pay For Your Cool and Amazing Services?

This technology increases your revenue multiple times the cost of the serviceimmediately measurable.

If you are interested in increasing the daily outpatient volume in your hospital, word-of-mouth praise of our excellent communication technology is better, cheaper, and more effective than paid advertisement, and your discharged patients can’t wait to tell their friends about how you use technology to improve their stay. We turn patients and guests into ambassadors of your brand.

Excellent Google Reputation = Lots of High-Value New Patients

First, you will notice same-day postings of real 5-Star Google/Yelp reviews from patients and guests (earned media). Each review is between $200 and $1000, depending on the value you put on each patient. We have documented over $50K+ in earned media per week from a practice of 25 offices.

Your highest-value patients (fee for service and private insurance) can go anywhere for their outpatient services. They rely on Google to help them decide. We reliably deliver those reviews and more.

You are probably doing GSR and its HCAHPS scoring, thinking that is enough, but by neglecting Google and Yelp, you are damaging your cash flow from your most valuable potential patients. Our AI technology allows you to generate both internal and online reviews.

Handle No-Shows and Cancellations = Recover Lost Slot Revenue

Most offices don’t have a process to get no-shows, and cancellations rebooked automatically-we do, and we entirely automate it. Consider the amount of money you spend on Google ads that result in no-shows or last-minute cancellations. We bring that lost revenue back to your practice.

The mean no-show rate of appointments is between 9% and 16%, with a loss value of $196 per patient. We fully automate handling appointment no-shows, cancellations, rescheduling, and new appointments. Patients are reminded automatically and repeatedly to rebook their appointments via provided links in our emails and SMS/MMS texts.

We ALSO message caregivers, family, and friends about missed appointments and urge them to get the patient to rebook. Does your staff have the time to chase down no-shows and cancellations? AI is happy to do the job.

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