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Automating Patient Wellness Checks Improves Outcomes

Automating patient wellness checks is the dream of outpatient doctors facing a heavy daily patient load. How do you make 37+ personalized phone calls at 7:00 PM after a hard day doing procedures? What are the consequences of not making those calls?

Proper Patient Engagement

There are many good reasons to spend time with patients, family, and caregivers before and after procedures. When you give time and attention to patients, it improves their engagement. This, in turn, leads to better self-care. Additionally, it results in more referrals and improved revenue and reviews for your practice.

In today’s world of 5-15 minute appointment slot times, double and even triple booking, there is no time or energy left at the end of the day. Expecting staff to make wellness check calls in the evening is unrealistic since they are equally burned out dealing with a heavy patient load and labor laws that limit their time on the job.

Automation of Patient Wellness Checks

Analog Informatics Patient Concierge automates nightly wellness checks using your EMR data. It sends messages to patients and caregivers daily based on your completed appointments.

Email, text, and/or voice messages are transmitted each evening based on practice policy. Patient Concierge automatically picks the best communication method from records in your EMR and the patient preferences they control.

Caregivers and family members can also receive automated wellness checks based on the patient’s explicit permission.

Show You Care

Patients appreciate contact from their physician after their visit to check their condition. These personalized calls and messages lead to loyal patients and caregivers.

By using technology to take over your wellness checks, you create an ever-growing cohort of appreciative patients who are an excellent source of referrals for more high-quality patients. 

Price of Automated Wellness Checks

The cost of automated wellness checks is less than $0.25 per patient, but its value in patient morale from the check-in is priceless. The wellness check feature is part of a comprehensive patient engagement capability for your EMR that provides a white-glove concierge experience to every patient and guest of your practice.

Cost Per Wellness Check

Our core philosophy is to radically reduce the communication workload of front desk staff and practitioners while improving the patient experience using automation and AI technology appropriate for healthcare. Improvements in the practice and patient experience occur within days of deployment.

The results of automating communication are dramatic in their ability

to create strong emotional bonds and loyalty to your practice.

Sample Messages

Wellness check messages
Wellness check messages

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