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The Rule of 7 in Healthcare Marketing

Marketers use the Rule of 7 as the minimum number of times consumers need to see your brand before taking action.

Healthcare practices can use this principle with AI-based automated patient and 3rd party communication to boost revenue and referrals without alienating patients or overloading staff.

Analog Informatics is the leader in automated patient and 3rd party communication.

The Marketing Rule of 7

On average, it takes at least seven (7) impressions to get a potential customer to buy a product. We create up to 18 contact events for each patient and their authorized recipients (twice the minimum conversion rate).

Analog Informatics can generate up to 18 authorized and desired touchpoint events per recipient per appointment. All of the interactions are opt-in and desired communication.

Communicating Continuously Through the Patient Journey Counts as Marketing

Patients expect you and your staff to provide personalized communications at all phases of their pre and post-appointment periods.

Think of all the details your staff has to share logistically and clinically for each patient. Add the necessity to communicate this information to multiple persons, and you can see why automation is necessary.

Communication can be by text, email, and/or voice. A practice can send text and email messages for the same issue to ensure message receipt.

Every message you send to a patient is a marketing event that gets you to the rule of 7 requirement.

Extending Marketing Beyond The Patient

Often, the person choosing the practitioner and practice is not the patient. Yet even with the 3rd party reality, practices don’t engage these influencers because EMRs don’t capture this information.

Analog Informatics securely and reliably captures authorized third-party contact information. Information is gathered at check-in and allows the patient or authorized person to update this list anytime.

Third parties are a valuable source of referrals and can fill out online reviews and refer others to your practice. Third parties can authoritatively speak to your quality of interaction and care since they are being communicated with.

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Cost-Effective and Immediate Results

Most practices don’t implement effective marketing because of the labor cost and expertise needed. Analog Informatics provides the technology and expertise based on your existing EMR.

The cost to complete an entire marketing cycle on a patient or recipient can be up to 90 cents. This is fantastically inexpensive and effective compared to other marketing programs that message opt-on recipients.

Marketing Cost Per Opt-In Recipient

Patient Acquisition Cost

Our automated solution (no people or manual phone calls by staff) to what HubSpot recommends for an outbound salesperson to get a customer to purchase a product:

In a study by PatientGain, they calculated a patient acquisition cost of $268.20 down to $150.00:

Automated Opt-In Marketing to Patients and 3rd Parties

can be 100x Less Expensive than Competitive Methods


Automating patient and 3rd party communication provides a consistent, high-quality patient experience. The concierge experience delivers more than twice the Rule of 7 requirements at less than $1.00 per recipient. Recipients are interested and read the communications delivered. There are few marketing technologies as effective as those offered by Analog Informatics.

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