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Get more honest reviews from the middle of the bell curve, instead of the ends.


To improve healthcare online reputation, providers must up their game by embracing a new generation of consumers and their expectations. Terms like digital health and modern patient engagement don’t fully describe the major technology shift that is going on in healthcare marketing.

Today’s consumers expect a continuous online experience that tracks their provider interactions. To provide a modern patient engagement experience and to scale operations, practices must embrace AI, data science, and automated communication workflows derived from EMR data.

In the past, it was enough to keep the patient informed, but today, you must keep caregivers, family members, and guests updated on a patient’s condition (of course, all communications are authorized by the patient). This is known as patient network communication, and it must be done in an omnichannel way via SMS, Email, and voice phone calls using the preferred methods of each participant.

By implementing modern technology that ties both technology and social demands, Analog Informatics: Patient Engagement platform generates abundant 5-star reviews and turns patients and their guests into advocates for your practice.

A 5-Star Online Reputation Score Equals Success or Failure of a Practice.

Hospitals and individual practices know that the number and types of patients (profitable or not) they see are tied to their online reputation. Because there are too many poor and bad reviews, today’s healthcare providers are seeking ways to improve their reputation.

To improve healthcare online reputation, we have developed new modern patient engagement systems that combine EMR data with AI technology to improve the patient experience and automated workflows that keep the patient and their guests up to date at all times. By keeping patients and their guests always informed, combined with sophisticated reputation tracking and response, we generate large numbers of 5-star reviews for our clients.

An excellent online reputation is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to acquire more patients.

Easy to Complain on Public Reputation Sites

It’s human nature that people are quick to complain and slow to compliment. Most patients only review your practice when they are upset or dissatisfied. Ironically, a potential patient’s human nature also requires seeing ten or more good reviews for a single bad review. Today you need hundreds to thousands of recent good reviews to acquire a new potential patient. Your staff does not have the time to get the reviews you need.

EMR Data, AI, and Automated Communication Workflows Improve Patient Experiences and Scores

Using AI technology and your EMR data, we automatically follow up with your patients, caregivers, and family members. We periodically ask them to review your practice via email and SMS text. These messages link to a per-patient customized web page, helping them complete online reviews.

Figure 1 - Analog Informatics Chart: Chart of Online Reputation page hits and actual review clicks by patients and guests.  Proof that AI and patient engagement works. Healthcare Online Reputation Management
Figure 1 – Healthcare Online Reputation Management Graph: Daily Online Reputation Page Hits and Clicks on Google or Yelp Reviews Page by Patients and Guests

We also contribute to the charity of the reviewer’s choice to improve review completion success rates.

Figure 2 - Healthcare Online Reputation Management Table: Charities selected by patients and guests for donations by practice for submitting a review.  The donation is not contingent on the quality or character of the review.
Figure 2 – Healthcare Online Reputation Management Table: Charities selected by patients and guests for donations by practice for submitting a review. The donation is not contingent on the quality or character of the review.

We provide reminders to gently, yet persistently, ask patients to complete their reviews without annoying them. All templates and workflows are configurable by your staff.

Figure 3 - Graphs of Patient engagement messages by type
Figure 3 – Graphs of Patient engagement messages by type


Our AI technology analyzes existing review sites, gathering your online and peers’ reviews. Using our cloud data warehouse combined with data science, we provide on-tap visual and numerical analysis of your reputation. As you use our solution, you will see a quick improvement in your reviews and an increase in inbound new patient inquiries.

Charting reputation vs time.  Yearly chart showing improvement of reputation over time.  Healthcare Online Reputation Management.
Figure 4 – Healthcare Online Reputation Management Chart: Chart of practice reputation over time. Notice the improvement in the percentage of reviews over time.

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Healthcare Online Reputation Technology Works

  • Managing your online reputation is complex and time-consuming. Your staff lacks the time, attention, and expertise to manage it effectively.
  • Today patients choose a practice based on its online reputation and recent quality reviews.
  • Most online practice reviews are awful because only complainers review your practice. It takes 10x to 20x good reviews to overcome a bad review.
  • Our AI technology reaches every patient. Our data warehouse visualizations prove the efficacy of our technology and its ability to improve your reputation.
  • AI and automation are the only solutions for engaging today’s always-connected patient.

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