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Modern Appointment Reminder and Confirmation System

Today’s Electronic Appointment Reminders Are Better Than Mailed Postcards, But Not By Much. Modernize with AI.

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Reminding patients to attend appointments has evolved from mailed postcards to emails, texts, and automated voice calls.

With all of the benefits of these electronic appointment notification systems, there are downsides and repeated criticism by practitioners and patients.


Although current electronic appointment reminders appear to be modern, they are, in fact, very labor-intensive for your staff to use.

The process of managing lists of patients is manual. The volume and type of messages to be sent are not manageable by the patient. Patients complain about over-messaging, and your staff has no means to adjust it. Templates and settings have little or no customizations that the practice can modify. Many reminders cannot be added to the patient’s email and device calendars.

The existing solutions can only message a single patient for an appointmentThe patient cannot add their social network to receive appointment reminders.

SOLUTION: Appointment Reminders and Confirmations driven by AI

Our AI-driven solution removes all of the manual steps needed to send out appointment reminders and get confirmations back. We constantly harvest your EMR’s data to build and update appointment lists, and our AI understands appointment changes. When the AI sees a difference in your scheduled appointments within the EMR, it updates appointment messaging workflows automatically.

To eliminate the daily manual steps your staff normally does, AI determines the best phone numbers, email addresses, and modes of communication. Staff can confirm and modify the AI’s decisions if desired. Templates and rules for delivery are editable by the practice.

Today you have to Message a Patient's Care Network

Today’s patients want their families and caregivers to receive notifications and confirmations of their appointments. Patients and their families expect a check-in by the doctor before and after an appointmentespecially if a surgical procedure is completed. If you perform 40 procedures daily, how do you check in with your patients at 7 PM? With AI, we generate communication and deliver it automatically to all your patients at the right time.

Birthday greetings from you and your staff to the patient and their network are also appreciated. Our technology fully automates this, too.

Messaging to a list of authorized, interested parties is about a social contract and facilitating logistics. For example, automated group appointment communication helps patients and their families coordinate transportation, prescriptions, and care.

Existing appointment reminder systems send patients 1 to 3 emails or texts using a simplistic template. In a modern patient and social network engagement experience, you may see up to 25 patient-requested emails and texts going out to the patient and their network for a single appointment. Each communication event should have been a contact your staff would have made, but these contacts rarely happened because of time and resource limitations.

Getting Good News

Today’s patients expect to be up-to-date and on time with their technology. The patient experience drives practice reviews on social media and review sites. Using AI technology, we can create a unique, curated, real-time appointment experience for each patient and their care network, all with their permission. Because this is fully automated, it requires no work from your staff.

Key Takeaways

  • Existing appointment reminder systems are highly manual, serve a single patient, and have limited functionality and customization.
  • Using AI connected to your EMR, we deliver a modern patient engagement for appointment reminders with little to no labor by your staff.
  • Simple model: create and edit your appointments in the EMR. AI technology takes care of the reminders and confirmations automatically.
  • Much less work than your existing solution. An excellent experience for your patients.
  • An excellent experience for patients = great reviews on social media and review sites + more new patients
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